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Accelerating Change Towards a Next Tier in Consciousness

There is an on-going shift in human consciousness, that is accelerating faster and faster every day. Our systems, structures and institutions need to be better equipped to handle the change that is occurring, and people need to have the ability to understand the dynamics of how systems grow and evolve. EpiEnergetics deals with the energetics behind how that occurs.


Conscious and Ecological Use of Energy and Information

Energy is a human resource, yet many people in the world do not have the resourcefulness to access it when it is most needed.  We believe in the in the inherent dignity of people, and every human’s right to express their most authentic and enlivened self.

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True change only occurs when people understand and address systemic forces driving change. EpiEnergetics, the force behind this acceleration, uniquely applies energy and information consciously and ecologically to produce personal and organizational extraordinary.


Making Change and Giving Forward.


Outreach MORE

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At the core of our mission is helping those who need resourcefulness, but do not have the resources to seek it out. 

Research MORE


We provide and sponsor micro-grants to facilitate emerging research in the many disciplines as they relate to EpiEnergetics.

Educate MORE


We are committed to informing individuals about the conscious and ecological use of energy and information to create and live the extraordinary.

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