The Network Wave, first demonstrated by Dr. Donny Epstein over 25 years ago, has been described as a spinal healing wave that helps to promote wellness, self-awareness, and healthier lifestyle choices. The Network Wave response is a visible physiologic process or undulatory motion of the spine, and surrounding structures, which has been demonstrated to be linked to specific frequency entrained spinal oscillation (rocking vertebrae), arising from precise force or touch applications to the spine. 


The EpiEnergetics Foundation currently provides a grant to the University of Southern California (USC) Department of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics through the lab of Edmond Jonckheere, Ph.D.  Research explores the mathematical and physiological effects and properties of the Network Wave, spinal coherence and the human body as a dynamical system.

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...the spinal wave is a coherent movement elicited by a Central Pattern Generator, opening the road for the potential of this coherence analysis to become part of the neurological suite.
— Martin-del Campo R, Jonckheere E. Stationary regime for standing wave central pattern generator. (2015)