EpiEnergetics is the conscious and ecological use of energy to produce the extraordinary. Envisioning a world in energetic harmony, the EpiEnergetics Foundation is dedicated to helping people, organizations, relationships, business, social systems and their associated fields of influence to evolve, collaborate and thrive. Combining leading edge research and applications, the Foundation seeks to advance worldwide awareness, access and use of EpiEnergetics principles and applications to create a more inspired and extraordinary humanity. The EpiEnergetics Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Foundation Mission and Vision

The mission of the EpiEnergetics Foundation is to help individuals and organizations in all sectors of the population to personally and collectively have better access to energy and information, advancing human resourcefulness and developing new strategies for thriving in a rapidly changing world.

The vision of the EpiEnergetics Foundation is for humanity to recognize all energy is associated with consciousness, and that the energy and consciousness we individually and collectively use impacts us all

Foundation Objectives

The objectives of the EpiEnergetics Foundation are to:

CREATE MORE - Rather than trying to get less of something, we are dedicated to making MORE. MORE service, MORE compassion, MORE contribution, MORE giving, MORE resources for resourcefulness, MORE humanity, MORE EpiEnergetics.

SEEK MORE –  To leave a greater legacy for us all, the Foundation serves as a hub where in addition to helping people professionally, people can help people personally too.

INSPIRE ENERGY MORE - Energy is everywhere. Everything in life requires energy. When this energy is used efficiently humans effortlessly grow and evolve. We focus on advancing a more sustainable future for humanity, through helping people discover their more authentic nature, and the energy that fuels its manifestation.


RESEARCH MORE – The Foundation is committed to providing micro-grants to facilitate emerging research in the areas of wellbeing, health, subtle energy, personal transformation, organizational and industrial development and basic scientific research in the areas of mathematics, biology, physiology, psychology, social sciences and spirituality as they relate to EpiEnergetics.

EDUCATE MORE – We are committed to informing individuals, and the public at large, about the conscious and ecological use of energy and information to create and live extraordinary lives.

CLAIM MORE – We believe through claiming our authentic energetic natures, we can make an extraordinary difference for others.

PUBLISH MORE – We recognize the need to support and promote publication of EpiEnergetics research in peer-reviewed journals, further advancing the strong evidence-base supporting EpiEnergetics technologies.


OUTREACH MORE – At the core of our mission is helping those who need resourcefulness, but do not have the resources to seek it out. The Foundation is dedicated to funding programs providing EpiEnergetics modalities as free or low-fee services for populations unable to afford care. By providing individual grants to practitioners of EpiEnergetics modalities, and also funding micro-grants for mission (non-religious) trips to underserved areas in developing countries, our outreach to those marginalized  ndividuals can create greater resources for their health, wellness and social contribution.

EXPLORE MORE – There is MORE in the world than we are aware of, and we undertake to always explore and grow MORE. In the Foundation’s own evolution, we seek how we can continue to add MORE impact and value to the lives and communities we are honored to serve. Through the creation of this newly energized resourcefulness, we become MORE aligned with a deeper calling of humanity.