Community Outreach Seed Grant- Application Information


The EpiEnergetics Foundation invites applications for Community Outreach Seed Grant projects that use EpiEnergetics technologies to serve communities. Helping those without resources to grow in resourcefulness is at the heart of the Foundation’s mission. Community Outreach Seed Grants serve to foster growth of precious resourcefulness so that gifts that may never have sprouted can be harvested worldwide.

The EpiEnergetics Foundation focuses its grants and community involvement in the areas where it can make unique and positive contributions aligned with the Foundation’s mission, vision and objectives.

The Community Outreach Seed Grant program primarily focuses on:

  • Grants to practitioners of EpiEnergetics modalities to enable care for underserved and marginalized populations. With our fertile commitment, those who may appear as burdens to their communities can grow greater resources for their health, wellness and social contribution.
  • Micro-grants for mission (non-religious) trips to provide free or low-cost care programs to people in underserviced areas in developing countries
  • Programs providing EpiEnergetics modalities as free or low-fee services for populations unable to afford care

Community Outreach Seed Grants may be applied for in amounts ranging from $250-$2000. The seed grant is intended to support and offset costs for community engaged projects which further the goals and objectives of the Foundation, and help more people find greater resourcefulness through EpiEnergetics. Grants may be used at the successful applicant's discretion, per the intended details provided as part of the grant application. A number of grants are available in each Community Outreach Seed Grant growing cycle.


Guidelines for Community Outreach Seed Grants

Applications for all types of projects are welcome. Proposals are welcome from:

  • Individuals serving in a current on-going outreach program
  • Individuals planning an outreach program
  • Organizations offering a current on-going outreach program
  • Organizations planning an outreach program in the future

All projects will be evaluated for a grant, and priority will be given to projects that will:

Objectively document the impact of the project on the community being served, in addition to self-evaluation of the project’s impact

  • Use EpiEnergetics in novel projects utilizing a collaborative model of service.
  • Be replicated by other individuals and organizations in the future
  • Be sustained in the future, either by the applicant or through engagement of additional volunteers
  • Create a measurable harvest for the individual and/or the world

All applicant projects must be clearly articulated within the Community Outreach Seed Grant application.

Grants are intended to resource a portion of costs or start-up costs of a project –fertilizing it so that it may continue to grow with its newly developed resourcefulness. Seed grants may be used for expenses such as travel, lodging, organizational costs of program, publicizing the program or program planning. We ask that practitioners volunteer their professional time for projects, and that grant money be used to support ancillary expenses associated with the project.

If an EpiEnergetics practitioner offers professional services, it is expected that the practitioner offers these services in accordance with any local or national regulations relative to the offered service and complies with all appropriate standards of practice.

Community Outreach Seed Grants will be offered in growing cycles, with the Foundation announcing these cycles as they are available. Although priority will be given to new grant applicants, prior applicants may reapply for additional grants. Requests for Community Outreach Seed Grants will be reviewed by the Foundation grant committee and the decisions will be final.


Expectations of Individuals and Organizations Granted a Community Outreach Seed Grant

All grant recipients are expected to provide to the Foundation:

A final written report, along with photos, and/or a video (photos and videos as appropriate with consent) at the end of the project to help the Foundation assess the impact of the seed grant. The applicant grants to the Foundation the right to use these reports and images via its website or in promotional information.

Any objective data or documentation collected during the project.

Availability to be interviewed by the foundation regarding the project, both for grant program improvement and for promoting the program.

Any publication(s) resulting from the grant should acknowledge the funding from the EpiEnergetics Foundation, and a copy of such publication(s) should be forwarded to the Foundation.

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EpiEnergetics Community Outreach Seed Grant Application

Thank you for interest in the EpiEnergetics Community Outreach Seed Grant program. We appreciate your service to your community and hope to partner with you to serve MORE people.  Please complete the following information. Once completed, the application will be reviewed.

Applications must be submitted via this online form or may be submitted by email with all completed question information (download Application questions in Word)


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