Spine and Nervous System Linked to Novel Health Outcomes


Spine and Nervous System Linked to Novel Health Outcomes

A recently published review demonstrates a novel understanding of the role of the spine and spinal cord in evidence based healthcare clinical outcomes. This article substantiates three decades of research and clinical findings demonstrating the important role of the spine in how an individual more readily adapts to stress and change, and achieves higher levels of health and wellbeing.

LONGMONT, COLORADO – (December 19, 2017) – The unique role of the spine and spinal cord as a modulator of health and wellbeing is explored in the December issue of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia.  The article titled ‘A Historical Perspective on Network Spinal Analysis Care: A Unique Insight into the Spine’s Roll in Health and Wellbeing’, is an integration of thirty-five years of research and development of Network Spinal Analysis care.

“Network Spinal care continues to demonstrate its significant role in health and wellbeing improvement, as well as being a leader in evidence-based functional healthcare.” Dr. Simon Senzon, the lead author of the review states. “This paper explores the unique contributions of the care not only in chiropractic practice, but its profound effects across all biologic and physiologic sciences.”

Dr. Donny Epstein, developer of Network Spinal care and co-author of the paper, through thirty-five years of research and development has developed a unique understanding of the spine and spinal cord elucidating the connection of the nervous system to broad health related quality of life dimensions. The care has been subject of the largest chiropractic population health-related quality of life study ever conducted, and demonstrated significant improvements in self-reported physical state, mental/emotional state, stress evaluation, life enjoyment, and overall quality of life.

“It is exciting to see this article appear in the Australian Journal, as Network care is truly a global phenomenon enhancing the lives of tens of thousands of people every week in offices on five continents,” says Epstein. “We have seen profound healing, transformation and the development of a unique healing and self-organizing spinal wave in the people benefiting from care. Many colleges and universities have studied the spinal wave developed in care to better understand new levels of coherence and function of the spine and nervous system.”

“I am delighted to announce the further evolution of Network Spinal Analysis, Network 2.0, to Network Spinal, Network 3.0.” continues Epstein. “Network Spinal is an advancement of more than three decades of insights and is also based upon published research of human spinal and nervous system coherence and energy efficiency. With a significantly greater level of energy and information efficiency, Network Spinal is fully integrated with the principles of EpiEnergetics. Now, more than ever, in our rapidly changing world we need greater adaptability. Network Spinal gives individuals more access to heightened levels of resourcefulness.”

This year also marks the 30th anniversary since the first public demonstration of the Network Wave by Epstein. The Network Wave, which is also reviewed in the article, has been described as a spinal wave that helps to promote wellness, self-awareness, and healthier lifestyle choices and is unique to the EpiEnergetics application of Network Spinal care.

The research article is available for download at http://www.cjaonline.com.au/index.php/cja/article/view/176


(Republished from Wise World Seminars)