Network Family Wellness Center Announces Publication of Their 4th Peer Reviewed Paper on Their Chiropractic Research of the Cervical Curve

Network Family Wellness Center Announces Publication of Their 4th Peer Reviewed Paper on Their Chiropractic Research of the Cervical Curve

BOULDER, COLORADO (PRWEB) JANUARY 07, 2016 - Network Family Wellness Center, a chiropractic clinic in Boulder, Colorado is announcing that the peer-reviewed journal, Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research, has published a scientific paper written by the team Drs. Daniel and Richelle Knowles, D.C. The husband and wife team are known for their significant research that examines the science of chiropractic care.

Their reviewed case study addresses how a patient’s spine can reorganize and retrain to an overall healthier structure and function with less painful movement.

In total, the team has published four peer-reviewed papers that focus on the many benefits provided by advanced spinal care. Both Drs. Knowles use these techniques during their daily routine patient care. It was through their work at Network Family Wellness Clinic that the doctors have been able to explore the subject matter of their latest research paper.

The exploration into how the reorganization of the cervical curve and continued spinal chiropractic care can improve a patient’s quality of life was researched over several months of a case study. The research further delves into how reorganization of NeuroSpinal structure, behavior and perception through Network Spinal Analysis care can lead to improvements in structure, function, motor nerve measures with sEMG, autonomic nerve function with thermographic studies, heart rate variability and quality of life.

The Network Family Wellness Center team is committed to exploring research that expands the understanding of chiropractic services, and Dr. Daniel Knowles believes, “It is gratifying to help advance the science and art of chiropractic care, and to explore the sustainable changes that can occur when people have quality chiropractic care.”

Network Family Wellness Center is known throughout the area for their confident and thoughtful approach to spinal care. Unlike conventional chiropractor offices, their practice focuses on cutting-edge advancements in the field. Their skilled approach to natural chiropractic care is paramount to maintaining the type of care that improves the quality of life for patients.
Drs. Knowles plan to continue making scientific advancements at their chiropractic clinic with hopes that their research will further improve the public awareness of how spinal care can make lasting improvements in the quality of life of the injured. These goals are further supported by their continuing education programs made available to colleagues from all over the world.

(Republished from Network Family Wellness Center)